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Introduction to Redux

Redux Data FlowRedux Data Flow

As mentioned before, the data in Redux flows in a single direction. This simplicity makes the application easier to debug and less prone to errors.

When the application starts, the following happens:

  • Redux store is created with an initial value;
  • UI is rendered based on the initial state.

Then the following cycle continues based on changes in the application:

  • User acts such as clicking a button or submitting a form;
  • A relevant action is dispatched using the dispatch method based on the user's activity. For example, posts/createPost;
  • The store executes the reducer function inputting the received action and creates a duplicate state object using the old state object. It modifies the duplicate state object based on the current action (for example, incrementing the old value by an amount) and returns the new state object;
  • The store takes the value of that new state object;
  • All the associated elements are updated based on the state changes.

Now, this diagram might make more sense:


What happens after an action is dispatched?

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