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Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Essentials: The Nobel Prizes Project

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Essentials: The Nobel Prizes Project

Motivation AnalysisMotivation Analysis

In this chapter, we will analyze text and understand which word is more represented in our data. First, we will remove all stopwords from the motivation column and transform our data.

For example, the sentence: "I like reading, so I read" will be transformed into: "Like Reading Read". Then we will plot these words into a wordcloud, with their size determined by their presence in our data.


  1. Initialize a new empty column called "Filtered motivation". This column will store the motivation column with the stopwords removed;
  2. Complete the for loop inside the list comprehension;
  3. Store the newly created column inside a single variable called text. Join all cells with a space between them.

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