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Introduction to CSS Part I

Sizing ElementsSizing Elements

To specify the box model properties for an element in CSS, you can use the following syntax:

Note that the margin and padding properties accept four values corresponding to the element's top, right, bottom, and left sides. If you want to specify the same value for all sides, you can use the following shorthand syntax:

Here's an example of how you might use the box model properties to style a <div> element:

This will create a div element that is 500 pixels wide and 50 pixels tall, has a 20-pixel margin on all sides, a 2-pixel black border, and a 10-pixel padding on all sides:







It's important to note that the width and height of an element are calculated based on the element's content, padding, border, and margin.

For example, if you set the width of an element to 200 pixels and the padding to 20 pixels on all sides, the total width of the element will be 240 pixels (200 pixels + 20 pixels + 20 pixels).

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