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Introduction to CSS Part I


This task isn't obligatory to complete the course!


You can write the code in the styles.css file of the following sandbox. To see the rendered page, drag it from the right edge of a sandbox window.


  1. Change the font to:
    • Arial for the heading;
    • sans-serif for the paragraph.
  2. Change the color of a text to:
    • #ff8a00 for the heading;
    • white for the paragraph.
  3. Change the size of a font to:
    • 36px for the heading;
    • 16px for the paragraph.
  4. Add padding and margin to the heading and paragraph:
    • 20px padding and 20px margin to all sides for the heading;
    • 10px padding and 20px margin to all sides of the paragraph.
  5. Set the background color of the body to #524c4c.

Here is the result you should get. If you are having problems, you can drag the code part with a solution from the left edge of the sandbox window.

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