Introduction to NumPy



Author: Alina Myronets

Course description

NumPy is one of the basic packages for scientific computing in Python. The 'Introduction to NumPy' course will introduce you to such a powerful tool as NumPy, which is convenient for working with arrays of different sizes. After completing this course, you will be able to easily work with matrices, using various functions. In addition, during the course, you will learn basic methods for working with arrays that simplify code writing.


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Getting Started with NumPy


In this section we will get acquainted with what the NumPy library is, as well as learn how to create an array.

What is NumPy?

Function array()

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Dimensions in Arrays


In this section we will get acquainted with arrays of different dimensions, and understand the difference between them.

0-D Arrays

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

1-D Arrays

Mathematical operations with 1-D arrays

2-D Arrays

3-D Arrays


Indexing and Slicing


In this section we should recall what slices are and learn how to make them for arrays of different dimensions. We shall also learn to refer to elements in an array using their indexes.

Access Array Elements

Challenge: Match Math Operations

Access 2-D and 3-D Arrays

Challenge: Match the Slicing

Negative Indexing

Challenge: Match the Indices

Challenge: Get One Dimensional Array Using Slice and Only Positive Indexes

Challenge: Get One Dimensional Array Using Only Negative Indexes

Important Functions


In this section we will learn how to reshape arrays and also how to concatenate an array. Moreover we will learn how to sort an array. Also we will learn about such an interesting method that is often used for arrays, namely: copy().




Sorting Arrays

Copying Arrays