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Professional Growth for Millions of People Worldwide.

team work

Our mission

is to make learning technology accessible, easy, and fun for users across the world.


We believe

that learning technology doesn't have to be tedious and boring. Instead, it should be practical and fun!

We strive to provide the best learning opportunity for community members to master data science and web technologies – two of the highly required technical skills of tomorrow.


Learning code should be more practice than theory

Our courses, quizzes, and code tasks are much more practical than theoretical. You can write your first code in any language after the first minutes of studying. Learn to code by coding rather than reading a lot of text.


Expert writers for unique courses

We are proud to have assembled a strong team of professionals. Each course is written by an expert in their field. During the studying, you receive unique practical knowledge and cases from professionals.


Friendly to all studiers

We know how difficult it is to start learning something new from scratch. We offer courses for early beginners – you can write your first code on our platform and grow to a true coding master with advanced courses.

Technical learning does matter in our life.

With Codefinity, you will be on one page with the future world.