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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special technical requirements?


You can use any home computer or laptop that supports a stable internet connection.

I don't have a technical background. Is this course right for me?


Absolutely! Our course is suitable for beginners who have no prior experience in programming. In fact, 90% of our students have no technical background. We will teach you the basics and provide support throughout the course.

How will I study?


The course is built around practical work and includes only the minimum necessary theory. From day one, you will learn how to think like a programmer and tackle the problems they are working on. Pro plan users have access to all courses on our platform. Ultimate plan users also have access to projects and learning tracks, which will help them learn and master their knowledge faster.

Are there any practical assignments in the course that I can use in my future work?


The focus of our training is on hands-on experience, and you'll spend much of the course working on practical projects that you can use as a foundation for future work.

I'm not a beginner. Can I start at a more advanced level?


Our course catalog includes a range of courses of varying difficulty levels, so you're sure to find something that meets your needs. We have over 40 courses available.

Do I need a background in math or other sciences to study data?


No, you don't need any knowledge beyond a basic school curriculum and basic logical thinking. We'll teach you the math that is relevant to the subject. If you have prior knowledge of higher mathematics and statistics, you'll be able to pick up the material more quickly.

What are the career prospects for data-related work?


The demand for data-related jobs is rapidly increasing. The Harvard Business Review has called data science "the sexiest job of the 21st century", and a recent LinkedIn report named data science one of the most in-demand new jobs in the US, with proficiency in Python being a key requirement.

Where are Data analysts in high demand?


The use of data to inform business decisions is becoming more widespread. Data analysts are needed by IT companies, financial institutions, sales and service companies, and more.

Is this a subscription service?


Yes, this is a subscription-based service that renews automatically until cancelled. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions and subscription terms.