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The Art of A/B Testing

Prepare for the TestPrepare for the Test

Before conducting A/B testing, it is necessary to perform several preparatory stages :

Step 1

Define success metrics: choose the metrics by which the performance of each version of the element will be evaluated.

For example, if two different versions of an advertising banner are tested, then the number of clicks on the banner can be a metric of success.

Step 2

Select control and experimental (test) groups: it is necessary to determine which groups will be used in testing.

The control group receives the original version of the content, while the experimental group receives a variation of the content.

Step 3

Content variation development is the process of creating different variations of content for an experimental group.

These options should differ from the original in only one element.

Step 4

Conducting testing: after developing content options and defining groups, you need to conduct testing.

For this, experimental and control groups should be placed on different pages or in different time periods.

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