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Justin D.

8 days ago

The main function, which had 3 or 4 different chapters of instruction, was already filled in. Otherwise, this was a good exercise!

Nikolas V.

10 days ago

rely nice

T P.

14 days ago

Okay, this actually taught me a lot. Best way for me to learn.


Complete all chapters to get certificate


Hangman Game


Hangman is a classic word-guessing game where players aim to uncover a hidden word by suggesting letters within a limited number of attempts. The game progresses with each incorrect guess, drawing parts of a hangman figure, leading to a loss if the figure is completed before the word is fully guessed. In this project, participants will methodically build a digital version of Hangman. We will start by loading a word list from a file, then move on to develop functions for handling guesses, updating the game state, and managing the game's flow, culminating in a complete, playable game.

Game Rules

Random Word Generator

Guessed Word

State of Affairs

Available Letters

Hints 1/2

Hints 2/2

Main Body

Final Step