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Introduction to Python

What Is a List?What Is a List?

A list is a data type that can hold multiple items, which can be of various types such as numbers, strings, tuples, and more.

To create a list, simply place a series of comma-separated values or variables inside square brackets []. Alternatively, you can convert other iterable objects (like strings, sets, or tuples) into lists using the list() function.

For instance, let's craft a list that contains details about the USA (name of the country, its land area, and population):

Accessing elements within a list is similar to how you'd access characters in a string: through indexing and slicing. For instance, if we wanted to retrieve both the land area and population data, we'd target the second (index 1) and third (index 2) items in the list US_Info. When slicing, you specify the start and end positions using a colon :. Keep in mind that the end boundary is exclusive. Therefore, to extract these two elements, you'd use the slice notation [1:3]. Check out the example provided:

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