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Konstantin P.

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React Key Concepts


Explore the significance of additional tools that amplify the efficiency and productivity of React applications. Optimize performance. Furthermore, this revision will guarantee a robust groundwork as you delve into more advanced topics.

Course Overview

React Component

Approaches to Styling in React Apps

React Hooks

React Context

Local Development Environment

React Router


Discover how to implement navigation and routing in React apps using React Router. Learn about the core concepts of routes and URLs and how React Router facilitates the creation of dynamic, multi-page applications with seamless transitions between different views.

Fundamentals of Routing

Get Started with React Router

Basic Routing

Lazy Loading


Routes Basic Concepts Sum Up

Challenge: Route Basic Concepts

Query String

Modify Query String

React Router Section Sum Up

Redux Toolkit


Research the capabilities of Redux Toolkit, which streamlines state management in React-Redux applications. This library provides opinionated tools and best practices, empowering developers to craft cleaner and more efficient code.

Introduction to Redux

Getting Started with Redux Toolkit

Real Deal




Involve Redux into React

Challenge Time

Challenge: Store

Challenge: Actions

Challenge: Reducer

Challenge: Involve Redux into React

Redux Toolkit Section Sum Up



Formik is a powerful library that empowers React developers to quickly manage forms with optimal efficiency and best practices. We will explore the high-level capabilities of Formik, guiding you through the best practices for building robust and user-friendly forms in your React apps.

Powerful Form Library for React

Get Started with Formik

Custom Formik Hook

Involve Formik into React component

Add Initial Values

Form Submission

Form Validation

Challenge Overview

Challenge: useFormik Hook

Challenge: Binding Formik with React Component

Challenge: Add Initial Values

Challenge: Form Submission

Challenge: Validation

Formik Section Sum Up



Master testing React applications with Jest. Learn how to ensure code quality, prevent bugs, and confidently refactor your projects with Jest's powerful features tailored for React testing.

Introduction to Testing in React

Get Started with Jest

Create the Jest Test File

First Test Case

Second Test Case

Challenge: Third Test Case

Jest Section Sum Up

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