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Unity for Beginners | Codefinity

Unity for Beginners




Author: Rayen Lounissi

Course description

Embark on your game-making adventure with this course. You'll learn the basics: moving objects, cool effects, making interfaces, physics, building worlds, and more surprises! With friendly help and fun projects, you'll craft awesome games for all kinds of devices. Some C# basics help, but no Unity experience needed. Ready to dive in? Let's unleash your game making magic!

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Unity Introduction


Welcome to the Unity Introduction section! Discover what Unity is and how it's used through a concise video. Learn how to download Unity with step-by-step instructions accompanied by visuals. Follow along as we create a project and scene in Unity. Explore the Unity interface, including Hierarchy, Project, Console, Scene, Game, and Inspector, through an engaging video with a quizzes.

Write your First Script


Embark on your game development journey with Unity Essentials. Learn scripting basics, explore components, manipulate GameObjects, master object transformations, capture player input, and move your first player. Engage with concise videos, interactive quizzes, and clear instructions.

Unity Physics


In this Unity Physics section, grasp foundational concepts in gaming physics, including time.deltaTime's role for smooth gameplay. Learn to utilize Rigidbody components effectively and implement collision detection techniques. Explore OnCollisionEnter and OnTriggerEnter methods' uses. Apply these skills practically by guiding a bird character through a Flappy Bird-style game, mastering movement and collision detection.

Unity UI and Sounds


Discover how to design interfaces and incorporate sounds into your games. Begin by mastering UI basics and creating elements. Explore specific UI designs like Texts and buttons. Connect different game scenes and add a main menu to your game. Enhance gameplay with immersive sound effects, utilizing a dedicated sound manager for optimal control and organization.

Polishing and Export your Game


Enhance your game's visuals by updating designs and incorporating basic particle systems and post-processing effects. Improve the overall design for a better player experience. Finally, export your game and conduct thorough testing to ensure quality. This section focuses on updating game designs and adding simple visual effects to improve the overall look of your game.