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React Router

Install React RouterInstall React Router

Here is the code from the recording: GitHub


To begin utilizing the React Router library, we first need to install it in our project using a package manager such as npm or yarn. Open the terminal in the project directory and execute the following command: Using npm:

Checking Installation

Now that we've installed the react-router-dom package, let's verify that it has been added to our project successfully. To do this, we'll examine the package.json file, which lists the project's dependencies.

By default, the dependencies object in package.json includes only the packages required for running and setting up a plain React project. It may look something like this:

After adding the react-router-dom package, you should observe a modified dependencies object with the react-router-dom package included (as shown in line 7):


Which package is necessary to install to use the React Router library?

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