Check for Missing ValuesCheck for Missing Values

I'm happy to see you in the last section of the course. Here, you will process data on the passengers of the Titanic. First, let's examine it:

089203Kelly, Mr. Jamesmale34.5003309117-8292NaNQ
189313Wilkes, Mrs. James (Ellen Needs)female47.0103632727-0NaNS
289402Myles, Mr. Thomas Francismale62.0002402769-6875NaNQ
389503Wirz, Mr. Albertmale27.0003151548-6625NaNS
489613Hirvonen, Mrs. Alexander (Helga E Lindqvist)female22.011310129812-2875NaNS

The first step of our learning is finding missing values. By the way, sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to fill all the values of the column; some of them may be missing. Such cases can spoil your result. In the dataset, they always look like this: NaN. First, let's find out if your data set contains missing values.

Pandas has two functions you can apply to the dataset to find missing values. Both of them will put False if the dataset values aren't missing, and True otherwise.


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