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Output Rows by Index
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Advanced Techniques in pandas

Output Rows by IndexOutput Rows by Index

Pandas has plenty of valuable tools; for instance, it allows you to output only specific rows. We will work with the same dataset.

  • data[0:3] - outputs the rows from zero to three 0, 1, 2, for all columns (pay attention, this method doesn't include the last index).
  • data[:3] - outputs the rows from zero to three 0, 1, 2, for all columns.
  • data[997:999] - outputs rows from 997 to 999: 997 and 998, for all columns (this is the last row).
  • data[997:] - outputs rows from 997 to the last one: 997, 998, 999, for all columns.
  • data[:] - outputs all rows of the dataset data for all columns.


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