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Advanced Techniques in pandas

Output Columns by TitleOutput Columns by Title

You are already familiar with the functions that can output the dataset, but imagine you want to output only a specific column. Firstly, let's get acquainted with the dataset for this section. By the way, it is inconvenient to output the whole data set, so data analysts usually output a part of it to examine. In this course, we will usually output the first 5 rows.

0Top Gun: MaverickJosephKosinskiTomCruise, JenniferConnelly, MilesTeller, ValK...8.6Action,Drama130minUA2022
1Everything Everywhere All at OnceDanKwan,, MichelleYeoh, StephanieHsu, KeHuyQuan, James...8.3Action,Adventure,Comedy139minR2022
2The BatmanDanKwan,RobertPattinson, Zo√ęKravitz, JeffreyWright, Co...7.9Action,Crime,Drama176minUA2022
3Jurassic ParkMattReevesSamNeill, LauraDern, JeffGoldblum, RichardAtte...8.2Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi127minUA1993
4The GodfatherStevenSpielbergMarlonBrando, AlPacino, JamesCaan, DianeKeaton9.2Crime,Drama175minA1972

This table will help you understand how to output specific columns:

Function's PurposeSyntaxOutput
data['Director']Extract one column by titleAll values from column 'Director'
data[['Title', 'Stars']]Extract several columns by titleAll values from column 'Title' and relevant values from the column 'Stars'


We want to output 'Category' and 'IMDb-Rating' columns; choose the correct way to do so.

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