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Preprocessing Data: Part I


First, let's get acquainted with the data we will be working with. Throughout this section, we will perform the initial set of actions to prepare the data for further analysis.

Loading the Data

Data Types

Analyzing Columns [1/4]

Removing Characters: Method 1

Removing Characters: Method 2

Analyzing Columns [2/4]

Replacing Characters

Preprocessing Data: Part II


In the second section, we will continue with the preparatory tasks started in the first section and ensure the data is ready for further exploration.

Analyzing Columns [3/4]

Removing and Replacing

Analyzing Columns [4/4]

Wrong Convertation?

Proper Converting

That's All?

Analyzing Data


After preparing the data, we will move on to some exploratory analysis. Throughout this section, we will answer several questions and uncover interesting insights.

Superficial Analysis

The Most Profitable Store

Date Range

How Periodic the Data is?

The Most Profitable Periods

The Best Combination

Holidays Effect

What Holidays are we Considering?

The Most Profitable Holiday

Visualizing Data


In the last section, we will use visualization tools to either confirm or reject the hypotheses we made in the previous section. We will also create visualizations of key indicators for the entire dataset.

First Look at the Data

Comparing Dynamics

Finding Relation

Does Temperature Affect?

Or is it Holiday Effect?

Comparing Shops

Adding Holidays to Comparison