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Java Basics

Role of Java in the Backend Role of Java in the Backend

How is Java used in the backend?

Java is a fairly versatile programming language. It can be used to write a wide range of programs, from web applications to full-fledged video games. Let's take a web application, or simply a website, as an example, and explore Java's role:


How does a web application work?

To begin with, it's important to understand how a web application functions in general. It's quite straightforward. When you click, for instance, the registration button on a website, the frontend sends this data and a request for assistance to the backend. The backend recognizes that it has a task from the frontend, performs necessary operations, such as saving the user to the database and registering them, and then sends back information to the frontend, indicating that everything went well.

In this way, the backend and frontend work together. In this symbiotic relationship, Java plays the role of the backend. Java will receive data and requests from the frontend and carry out the application's work that the user doesn't see."

I think you can see that there's nothing too complicated here. But what exactly does Java do? Java performs various logical operations, processes information, retrieves data from the database and writes it there, and works with various third-party APIs to process and transmit information to the frontend.

We won't be covering the specifics of frontend development in this course. You can find that information in the Ultimate HTML course.

Learning plan

If you're ready to make a significant contribution to your future, or if you're just curious about one of the most popular programming languages, then this course is for you!

The course structure is quite simple. You will learn:

  1. How Java works
  2. Basic syntax and features
  3. Working with loops
  4. Working with arrays
  5. Working with strings
  6. Working with methods and classes
  7. Object-oriented programming in Java


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