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Data Types in Python

And, Or, Not OperatorsAnd, Or, Not Operators

In real life, almost everyone expresses their thoughts using phrases like "Yes or No", "Definitely Not", "Yes, yes and yes!". Python language permits you to do almost the same, but it uses more formal phrases based on the statements and, or, and not.

X and Y can be any logical statement (True or False):

andX and YReturns True only if X and Y are both True
orX or YReturns True in all cases, except if X and Y are both False
notnot XIf X is True, it changes it to False, and vice versa

Let's look at the table below to understand the logic of each operator:

XYX or YX and Ynot X


It's time for some tricky tasks!

Here, you should replace___ with a True or False statement to make:

  1. The statement1 variable equal to True.
  2. The statement2 variable equal to False.

Everything was clear?

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