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Amy T.

18 days ago

It was fun as a refresher and testing my knowledge of how to write out the work

Brian B.

18 days ago

This far, the explanation was the poorest in Python beginner courses.

Graham M.

32 days ago

Clearly explained and has good examples to practice with.


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Python if Statement


In this captivating course, you'll unravel the mysteries of the versatile conditional operator "if," discovering its power to shape outcomes. Dive deeper into the world of logical operators, mastering their artful application and uncovering the secrets of prioritizing their use effectively.

Introduction to if Statement

Syntax of if Statement

Challenge: Mario

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators 1/2

Logical Operators 2/2

Python if-else Statement


In this section, we are introduced to a more advanced form of the conditional operator - if-else. We will also learn what nested if-else statements are and practice on tasks.

Introduction to if-else Statement

Syntax of if-else Statement

Challenge: Geometric Figure

Challenge: Rock, Paper and Scissors

Python if-elif-else Statement


In addition, we will learn about the most advanced form of the conditional operator if-elif-else, get acquainted with the syntax of this construction and how it is applied correctly.

Introduction to if-elif-else Statement

Challenge: Car Brands

Challenge: Ordinal Adjectives

Challenge: Music Playlist Generator

Python Ternary Operator


Unlock the efficiency of one-liner decisions with the ternary operator! This coding gem, popular in Pythonic style, lets you streamline your choices in a single line, making your code both concise and elegant.

Conditional Expression

Challenge: Discount calculator

Challenge: Password Strength