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Data Types in Python


Hi there! It is time to train your logical skills. Good luck!🤔

Programming-wise, it is vitally important to be good at prioritizing logical statements, like and and or. In the previous section, you were working with math operations, especially with + and *. I can guess that you remember from school that * has a greater importance than +; therefore, the same applies to and and or.


and is multiplication for boolean statements, and or is addition; hence, and has more prominence.

Let's examine an example and make a guess about the result! If you're worried about making an error, feel free to check the hints in this chapter and refer to the table. Keep in mind that you should perform the action inside the brackets first!

Let's break down this statement and look at each iteration to avoid any misunderstanding:

  1. ( (True or True) and False) or True
  2. (True and False) or True
  3. False or True
  4. True


Replace the ___ parts of code with True or False to make all variables equal True.

Everything was clear?

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