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Data Types in Python

Integer NumbersInteger Numbers

You might be accustomed to specifying numbers in ways such as:
1,000,000 (with commas) or
1 000 000 (with spaces);
however, Python will not understand this.😢 These formats are understandable for a person but not for a computer, so the right way is 1000000 without commas or spaces.


Here is the distance from the sun to the Earth in miles: var1 = 91,400,000. And here is the distance from the Earth to the moon: var2 = 238 855. You need to adjust these number formats to be compatible with Python.

  • Rewrite the values of these two distances so they are recognizable by Python.
  • Output these variables by including their names in print function calls.


If you have a strong desire to use separators, Python understands the following syntax: var = 1_000_000.

Everything was clear?

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