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Data Types in Python

Numerical Data Type in GeneralNumerical Data Type in General

Before anything else, it's essential to familiarize ourselves with numeric data types, which are typically the ones we use the most.

Numeric data types typically include two primary built-in categories: integers (int) and floating-point numbers (float). To clarify, 'built-in' indicates that Python can handle them from the start, eliminating the need for us to define them in advance. So, you can simply use int/ float in Python without any additional specifications.

integer represents the whole numbers you commonly encounter in your daily life, such as 1, 2, 45, or 456566.

On the other hand, floating-point numbers include values like pi (3.14159265359) and Euler's number (2.71828).


Match the numbers with their type.

Integer Number
Floating-point Number

Click or drag`n`drop items and fill in the blanks

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