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Data Types in Python

Numerical Data Type in GeneralNumerical Data Type in General

First and foremost, we should get acquainted with numeric data types, which are supposed to be the most commonly used ones.

Numeric data types generally consist of three main, built-in types: int, float, and complex. By the way, 'built-in' means that Python can initially work with them, and we do not need to pre-define them. Just write int using Python.

int defines the integer value that you are used to using in regular, everyday life, for instance, 1,2,45, and 456566. Examples of floating-point numbers are like pi value 3.14159265359 and Euler number 2.71828. And an example for complex is 5+7j, where 5 is the real part and 7j is the imaginary part of the number.


Match the numbers with their type.

Integer Number

Floating-point Number

Complex Number

Click or drag`n`drop items and fill in the blanks

7 + 8j

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