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Data Types in Python

Math in StringsMath in Strings

It's time to let you dive deeper into programming! 😎

You've examined that the + operator can be applied to statements that are related to one data type: concatenate strings, add some numbers, etc. But please look at this simple example where input and output are pretty understandable for you: 😊

However, multiplication works not only with equal data types, but with various ones too. This means that we can multiply your string by a number. For instance, if we multiply it by 2, the string will be printed twice. Take a look at the following example:


We can multiply a string only by an integer number.


Time to practice!

Follow the algorithm and fill in the gaps:

  1. Print the first string twice.
  2. Print the second string three times.
  3. Print the third string once.

Everything was clear?

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