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Data Types in Python

Get Acquainted With IndexationGet Acquainted With Indexation

You may have heard about indexation before.😃

It may not present a significant challenge for you, but some programmers consider indexing one of the more intricate subjects. However, I disagree with this assertion. Therefore, I recommend engaging in several practical exercises to minimize the likelihood of making mistakes in such situations.

The main point is that indexation starts from zero. Let's look at the word codefinity. c has the index 0, o has the index 1, and so on, and y has the index 9:

To determine the character associated with a specific index, employ the following syntax: word[index_number]. For instance, when working with the word "codefinity," to obtain the initial character "c," you should utilize the subsequent code: codefinity[0].

Be careful, pay attention, and do not let the following statement be part of your code output:

string index out of range

This means that you tried to reach an index that doesn't exist in your word, like 10 for the word codefinity.

It should be noted that spaces are as valuable as other symbols, so subsequent strings are not equal because the last symbol of the first string is n and it has the index 5, but the last symbol of the second string is space and it has the index 6:


I appreciate your desire to study; it's awesome that you've completed so many tasks!😍

Here, you are given two strings.

Using indexation, get a specific letter from string1 or string2.

To deal with this task, you must work with indexation only; do not use additional functions.

Everything was clear?

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