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Dimie E.

96 days ago

simply put

Aksel K.

121 days ago

Overall i think the course is very good, you explain the content in a nice and pedagogically good way. I do wish however, that some of the concepts like props would be explained i... Show more

Kopp L.

124 days ago

Super nice overview of the basic functionalities of React.js


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Getting Started: ES6


In this section we will explore why React is useful and why it is worth learning it at all. We will also learn one prerequisite, ES6, which will be used throughout the course.

Why React?

Node.js and npm

ES6 Variables

ES6 Arrow Functions

ES6 Map Method

ES6 Destructuring

ES6 Spread Operator

ES6 Ternary Operator

Getting Started: JSX


In this section, we will learn another prerequisite - JSX which will be used throughout the course. Finally, we will explore some example code to get acquainted with React.

JSX Introduction

JSX Variables & Nested Elements

JSX Embedding Expressions

JSX Specifying Attributes

Getting Started with React

React in Practice


In this section we will learn about the essential and practical parts of React excluding the components – which will be covered in the next section. We will look at how JSX can be used with React, and how to create and render more complex elements in the React DOM using JSX. We will also learn how to set up a React based project, and we will explore its structure for deepening our understanding.

Getting familiar with JSX

Writing more Complex Elements using JSX

Creating a React-Based Project

Structure of a React Project

React Components


In this section you’ll be introduced to React components. We will look at what React components are and why we need them. We will explore the two different types of React components and learn the syntax for creating them. We will use them to create a single page application that displays X.

Introduction to Components

Functional Components

Creating React Components

Importing Components

Controlling Data & Content


In this section we will learn more about how to combine JavaScript and JSX to create dynamic content. We will also learn how to pass data between components. In the end we will also explore event handling.

Passing Data into Components

Conditional Rendering

Loop Based Rendering

Keys in Lists

Event Handling

Creating a TODO Application



In the end of the previous chapter, we tried making a Todo application though in our attempt to do so we soon discovered that we needed some method for re-rendering the components once the data is updated in a component as React wasn’t automatically doing that for us. In this section we will learn how to fix such issues using ‘Hooks’. We will learn and implement hooks in detail. By the end of this section, you will be able to create stateful components in React and combine them to create complex web applications.

Introduction to Hooks

Using the State Hook

The Effect Hook

Rules of Using Hooks

Creating Custom Hooks

Fixing the Todo Application

React Router


In this chapter we will learn how to add different pages to our React application and render different components based on URL. You will gain sufficient knowledge to be able to create multi-page applications.

Introduction to React Router

Route-Based Rendering

Creating Navigation Bars

Using Params