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Basic Mathematical Concepts and Definitions


Let's start with some basic definitions and concepts we'll use later. Consider the idea of a function, a numerical sequence, and its sum, and also understand what a coordinate system's basis is.

What Is Function?

What Are Number Series?

Sum Of Elements Of The Series

Challenge: Calculating Sum Of Geometric Progression

Vectors And Matrices

Linear Algebra


The simplest and most commonly used type of relationship is the linear relationship. Linear algebra is a branch of higher mathematics entirely devoted to linear functions and linear spaces. Let's look at some of the most important topics in linear algebra: vectors, matrices, solving linear equations, and solving the spectral problem for matrices.

Numerical Operations On Vectors and Matrices

Challenge: Calculate The Matrix Multiplication Result

Matrix Determinant

Scaling Factor Of The Linear Transformation

Challenge: Figures' Linear Transformations

Inversed And Transposed Matrices

System of Linear Equations

Challenge: Solving The Task Using SLE

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Mathematical Analysis


Mathematical analysis is a discipline that allows you to analyze functions according to various criteria. Consider how to check numerical sequences for convergence, find the maximum/minimum values of functions, solve nonlinear equations, and use integrals to solve applied problems.

Derivative of the Function

Partial Derivative of the Function

Challenge: Solving Task Using Derivative

Optimization Problem

Challenge: Solving the Optimisation Problem

Gradient Descent Method

Challenge: Optimising Function Of Multiple Variables