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Complete all chapters to get certificate


Introduction and Prerequisites


Get a clear roadmap of what's to come, understand the prerequisites, and learn valuable tips to set you up for success as you delve into objects, arrays, and essential programming concepts.

Introduction to the Course

Prerequisites for the Course

What Will Be Covered

Tips for Success

Objects Fundamentals


Explore the core concepts of JavaScript objects. This section covers the fundamentals of object creation, property management, and method implementation.

Understanding Objects

Object Creation

Nested Properties

Challenge: Create an Object

Accessing Object Properties

Challenge: Access Object Properties

Working with Properties

Challenge: Modify and Extend Object

Object Methods

Properties in Methods

Challenge: Work with Object Methods

Object Fundamentals Sum Up

Advanced Object Manipulation


Dive into advanced techniques for working with JavaScript objects. This section delves into various strategies to efficiently manipulate and interact with objects.

Object Iteration with for...in Loop

Challenge: Object Property Explorer

Method hasOwnProperty()

Challenge: hasOwnProperty() for Object Property Iteration

Spread Operator

Challenge: Merging Objects and Adding Properties

Object Destructuring

Challenge: Destructuring

Advanced Object Manipulation Sum Up

Mastering Arrays


Embark on a journey into the JavaScript arrays. This section provides a strong foundation for creating arrays, managing elements, and executing basic array operations.

Understanding Arrays

Challenge: Array Element Accessor

Working with Array Elements

Challenge: Array Element Modifier

for Loop

Challenge: Array Element Iteration

for...of Loop

Challenge: Iteration with for...of

Mastering Arrays Sum Up

Advanced Array Operations


Master the advanced array manipulation skills, covering various techniques and methods for handling arrays effectively in multiple scenarios.

map() Method

Challenge: Array Element Transformation

filter() Method

Challenge: Filter Students by Exam Scores

find() Method

Challenge: Discover Featured Products

sort() Method

Challenge: Sort and Extract Properties

Advanced Array Operations Sum Up

Course Sum Up