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Introduction to Redux Toolkit


Explore the fundamental concepts of state management and show you how to leverage the power of the Redux Toolkit. We will guide you through the installation process and help you create your first React Redux Toolkit project. Additionally, meet a challenge to test your understanding and skills.

What is in this Course?

Introduction to State Management

Understanding Redux Toolkit

Installation of Redux Toolkit

Create a React Redux Toolkit Project

Challenge: Installation of Redux Toolkit

Additional Software

Redux Toolkit in Practice


Investigate Redux integration with React apps, covering core concepts: actions, reducers, and the Redux store. Includes practical examples and code explanations for configuring a store, creating reducers, and connecting React components via hooks like useSelector and useDispatch.

What Awaits

Project's Initial Code and File Structure

Create Redux Store

Integrate Redux Store into the App

Store Inspection in the App

Actions and Action Creators

Reducers Role

Actions and Reducers Inspection

Connect Redux and React

Complete App Code

Redux Toolkit Challenge Workshop


Supercharge your skills in state management. In this hands-on workshop, you tackle real-world challenges and gain practical experience using the Redux Toolkit for seamless application development.


Challenge Rules

Challenge: Set up the Store

Challenge: Create Actions

Challenge: Create Reducer

Challenge: Involve Redux into React

Redux Toolkit Sum Up