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Chitha U.

28 days ago

I am still learning. I do not know what I have learned so far and what it is used for. But I am trying to find out. I will stay in the course and discover small details as I go alo... Show more

Sam k.

46 days ago

nice, i know css a little bit, but here things that i already use are well explained.

Ignacio I.

49 days ago

After I finished this course I was able to explore within some pages design and make difference of the attributes and properties given in the course


Complete all chapters to get certificate


Introduction to CSS


Basic CSS concepts and rules to add styles to the web page.

What is CSS?

Connecting HTML and CSS

Selectors for Styling HTML Elements

Challenge: Select an Element to Add Styles

User Action Pseudo-Classes

Text Colors

Effective Work with CSS

Challenge: User Action Pseudo-Classes and Variables

Text styles


Set of CSS properties that are used to style the text content of HTML elements.

Text Styling

Text Formatting

Challenge: Text Formatting

Add Custom Fonts to the Web Page

Font Properties

Challenge: Fonts

Box Model and Element Spacing


Concept of arranging elements according to the box model, which describes the layout and spacing of all elements.

Box Model

Box Sizing

Add Space to Elements

Challenge: Box-Sizing

Structural and Functional Pseudo-Classes

Challenge: Structural Pseudo-Classes

Element Types

Work with Block-Level Elements

Work with Inline Elements

Challenge: Inline VS Block-Level



Method of arranging the set of elements in rows and columns.

What is the Flexbox?

Flex Direction

Justify Content Horizontally

Align Items Vertically

Flex Item Properties

Challenge: Flexbox

Decorative Effects


Create visually stunning and interactive web designs by using advanced CSS techniques for adding decorative elements.

Background Color

Background Image

Work with Images

Decorative Pseudo-Elements


Challenge: Decorative Effects