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Introduction to JavaScript

Literals and VariablesLiterals and Variables

Literals are just values in the program. Any number or text in quotes is literal (15, 12.25, "Hi", 'Word'). You can insert a literal into a variable for repeated use.

Variables play a crucial role in programming.


Variables are named entities that store values that can be changed and utilized an unlimited number of times within a program.

To utilize a variable, it must first be defined. This is accomplished by selecting a variable name and using the let keyword:

You can assign a value to a variable by using an assignment operator, such as =:

Additionally, you can specify a value when defining a variable:


There are literals: 15, 11, "Hello", etc. Literals are some values that are used in code. Every literal should have a data type that will be described later.

You can use variables like literals in the code:

When the interpreter (the program that executes the code) looks for a literal but finds a variable, it receives the value of that variable as a literal.


Define a variable:

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