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Introduction to JavaScript

What is a Function?What is a Function?

Functions are specific objects that receive values, perform operations, and then return values. One of the most significant advantages of a function is its ability to be used multiple times, promoting code reusability.

Let's explore a simple function example:

In this example, the meeting function is defined and takes a name parameter. Inside the function is a code block containing various console.log statements. The function is called three times with different names as arguments.

The power of functions lies in their reusability. This function, written in just 8 lines of code, contains a code block of 6 lines. However, it can be called multiple times, eliminating the need to copy and paste those 6 lines of code.


The example here aims to provide a basic understanding of functions. No detailed analysis is needed for now. In practice, functions are versatile and help developers organize and reuse code effectively.

Everything was clear?

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