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Introduction to JavaScript


You finished all the chapters! This is very wonderful! Let's now consolidate the information you learned during the course and take a quiz.

Literals, Variables, Constants

  • Literal is a value in the code.
  • Variable (let) is named storage of value (literal) for the multiple usages.
  • Constant (const) is an unchangeable variable.

Data Types

  • number is a numeric data type.
  • string is a text data type. Writing in quotes (" or ').
  • boolean is a logical data type (true or false).
  • array is a collection of values. The most usable methods is push(), pop(), unshift() and shift().

Basic operations

  • Assignment (=).
  • Math (+, -, *, etc.).
  • Comparison (>=, <, ==, ===, etc.).
  • Logical (AND &&, OR (||).
  • String Concatenation (+ between strings).

Conditional Statements

  • if (condition) {code block}
  • else {code block} after if.
  • else if (condition) {code block} for a few conditions.


  • while (condition) {code block}.
  • do (code block) while (condition).
  • for (let counter; condition; counter++) {code block}.


  • function myFunc(arg1, arg2, arg3) {code block}
  • Call the function: myFunc(value1, value2, value3)
  • Use the return keyword to return the value from a function.
1. Conditional Statements are used to:
2. Loops are used to:
3. Functions are used to:


Conditional Statements are used to:

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Loops are used to:

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Functions are used to:

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