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Introduction to JavaScript


The break keyword is a loop terminator, allowing you to exit a loop prematurely.

Example 1: Stopping an Infinite Loop

In this example, the break keyword stops the infinite while loop when i becomes equal to 6, after the i++ operation.

Example 2: Breaking a for Loop

Here, the variable a is incremented by i during each iteration (0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4) until i becomes equal to 4. At that point, the break statement is triggered.

i = 0a = 0 + 0
i = 1a = 0 + 1
i = 2a = 1 + 2
i = 3a = 3 + 3
i = 4a = 6 + 4, break

Example 3: Breaking a while Loop Immediately

In this example, the break statement inside the while loop immediately terminates the loop, preventing any code below it from executing within the same block.


Remember that the break statement is a powerful tool for controlling the flow of your loops, allowing you to exit them when specific conditions are met.

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