Introduction to Redux



Author: M. Mouiz Ghouri

Course description

In this course, the user will learn how to use Redux and React to create powerful applications.


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Getting Started


In this section we will learn what Redux is, why it is useful, and most importantly when it is useful. We will also learn how to set up a basic react-redux application.

What is Redux?

Why Redux?

When to use Redux?

Setting up a React-Redux Application

Fundamental Concepts


In this section we will go through the fundamental concepts of Redux that are necessary to understand the workings of a Redux application. We will use code examples to understand the concepts and in the following section we will use them practically.

Redux Actions

Redux Reducers

Redux Store

Store Dispatch Method


Redux Data Flow

Redux in Practice


In the previous section we looked at the basic concepts. In this section we use those basic concepts to understand some more complicated concepts and the structure of a Redux application. In the end we will also look at the Counter application to put together all the pieces of our knowledge together.

Redux Application Structure

Modifying the Template for Use

Creating the Redux Store

Redux Slice

Creating a Slice

Understanding Slice

Using Selectors to access State

Modifying State by Dispatching Actions

Thunk Functions

Rules for Reducers

Understanding the Counter Application

Creating a React-Redux Application


This chapter is focused on practice hence we will utilize the knowledge we acquired in previous sections to create a practical application using Redux along with React.

The Application

Setting Up the Application

Creating the UI Skeleton

Creating the Profile Slice

Creating the Posts Slice

Completing the Posts feature

Displaying Number of Posts and Users

Adding CSS Styling