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Challenge: Positive, Negative or Zero
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Introduction to Python

Challenge: Positive, Negative or ZeroChallenge: Positive, Negative or Zero

Recall the exercise from two chapters back. In that challenge, you crafted an if/else statement to determine if a number was even or odd. Now, let's create another conditional structure that identifies zeros, positive numbers, and negative numbers.


Design an if/elif/else statement to assess whether the number num is positive, negative, or zero.

  • If num is negative, print "The number num is negative";
  • If num is positive, print "The number num is positive";
  • If num is 0, print "The number num is zero".

To accomplish this, fill in the blanks (indicated by ___) in the print() functions with the appropriate terms.

Everything was clear?

Section 3. Chapter 11
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