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4.682 ratings

Naama K.

4 days ago

Good practice

Ghada S.

84 days ago

A bit tough but manageable. It would have been better to extend explanations further to fully understand what is going on!

Yuan Han L.

102 days ago

Easy to follow


Complete all chapters to get certificate


Get Familiar With Indexing and Selecting Data


This section will teach you how to output specific columns by their titles or indices. Also, you will get acquainted with the ways you can select rows by indices.

Output Columns by Title

Output Rows by Index

Select Specific Rows and Columns

Learn More About Indexation

Get Familiar With lambda Functions

Expand Functionality of the .iloc[] Function

Dealing With Conditions


Here, you will learn how to extract data that has specific conditions. Also, you will learn how to combine them and even create your own.

Set Condition

Challenge 1

Dealing With Several Conditions

Make Your Code Beautiful

Challenge 2

Extract Data


In this section, you will expand your knowledge on setting different data conditions. You will learn to check if your data is in a defined list of values or between two values. You will also learn how to find the largest and smallest values.

Is Data in ...?

Combine Your Knowledge

Between Function


Find the Smallest Values of a Column

Find the Largest Values of a Column

Find the Correlation

Aggregating Data


This section is one of the most fascinating of the course. Here, you will learn how to group data in different ways. It will help you work as a data analyst to find out information on specific data groups.

Get Familiar With the .groupby() Method

Group by Several Columns

Complicated Grouping


Dealing With Pivot Tables


Preprocessing Data


This section is one of the most significant for a data analyst because if the data contains missing data values in the incorrect format, it will be impossible to work with. Thus, you will learn how to deal with such inappropriate values here.

Check for Missing Values

Calculate the Number of Missing Values

What Will We Do With the NaN Values?

How to Delete Only NaN Values?

Fill In the Missing Values

Manage Categorical Variables

Check the Column Type

Manage an Incorrect Column

Rename the Column