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What is A/B testing?


Welcome to the A/B testing course. In this section, we will tell you what controlled experiments are, where they are used, and why they are used. We will look at a specific example of a controlled experiment and talk about A/A testing. The Python programming language will help us with this. Well, let's get started!

Let's Start

Prepare for the Test


A/A Test

Normality Check


Before conducting a controlled experiment, we need to determine the characteristics of the sample. The type of tests that we will conduct a little later will depend on these characteristics. You will learn to build distribution histograms, box plots, and check the normality of the distribution. Let's get started right now!

About Normality

Descriptive Statistics

Challenge: Descriptive Stats

Histograms and Box Plots

Challenge: Plottig Hists

Challenge: Plotting Boxplots

Shapiro Test

Challenge: Shapiro Test

Variances in A/B Testing


The last thing to do before conducting a controlled experiment is to check the sampling variances. Some types of graphs and Levene's test will help us with this. Let's talk about it in more detail in this section!

Violin and Swarm Plots

Challenge: Violin and Swarm Plots (Part 1)

Challenge: Violin and Swarm Plots (Part 2)

Levene's Test

Challenge: First Levene's Test

Challenge: Second Levene's Test



So we got to A/B testing. Soon you will make your first parametric tests, or as they are also called - T-tests. We'll use all the knowledge we've learned in the previous sections: metric definition, normality testing, variance testing, and plotting. All this will help us get statistically significant results. Well, to work!

Graphical Results of Previous Studies

The First T-Test

Challenge: Second T-test

The Third T-Test

Challenge: Fourth T-Test



It turns out that sometimes the samples do not have a normal distribution. This means that we cannot perform parametric testing. What to do in such a situation? Non-parametric testing. We will talk about him in the last section.


Challenge: Define metric

Challenge: Another Normality Test

The First U-Test

Challenge: The Second U-Test

Challenge: The Last U-Test

The Third U-test