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Fighting Game in Unity | Codefinity

Fighting Game in Unity



Автор: Lounissi Rayen

Опис курсу

Get ready to build an awesome fighting game featuring cool animations and a big boss battle! Learn Unity's animation system to create smooth player movements and powerful attacks. Dive into enemy AI, shaping their behaviors from following to rage states. Improve your game with simple UI elements, cool effects, and sounds. Finally, share your game with others to play it.

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Unity Animation System


In this chapter, we will learn all about animations, how to synchronize animations with movement, and how to smoothly transition between animations.

Player Behavior


We will create a full behavior for the player and animate it. The player will be able to move, jump, and attack using different techniques, such as the Rigidbody2D for movement and triggers for attacks and interactions.

Enemy Behavior


We will create the Boss AI and define its behavior based on the player's proximity. When the player is at a long distance, the Boss will either send a projectile or move toward the player. If the player is nearby, the Boss will attack with its weapon. Additionally, when the Boss's health drops below 40%, it will enter a rage state and unleash different, more aggressive attacks.

Improve the Game


We will implement major improvements to the game, including adding particles and effects to enhance the overall feel. Additionally, we'll create UI elements such as the main menu and health bar, and ensure they are controllable. Finally, we'll export the game and test it.

Improve the Flappy Bird Game


We will revisit the game we created in the previous Unity course (Flappy Bird) and enhance it. We'll add random generation, synchronize the background movement with the player, and dynamically move obstacles, creating an endless gameplay experience.