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Unreal Engine FPS Game | Codefinity
Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine FPS Game


#Unreal Engine 5

Автор: Mike Shirnazar

Опис курсу

In this course, you'll create a thrilling FPS game where you face waves of enemies in an arena. Your goal is to eliminate all enemies in each wave within a set time. Survive three intense waves, and you'll be greeted with a victory screen offering the option to restart or exit. Watch your health bar if it hits zero or time runs out, it's game over. This course will equip you with essential game development skills, resulting in a dynamic and engaging FPS game. Ready for the challenge? Start your game dev journey now!

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The Character Blueprint


In this section we will continue with looking into the blueprints. Blueprints are at the heart of everything that happens in Unreal Engine and are what we will be working on mostly in this course.

Enemy Blueprints


What is a first-person shooter without some enemies? In this section we will set up the enemy blueprints.

Level Design and Aesthetics


Level design is one of the most important parts of any game. A good level not only creates a suitable environment but also considers the timing of events in creating an enjoyable experience. Coupled with that, a good level tells a story without using words.

User Interface and Sound Effects


Widgets, UMGs, and UI; they are all basically the same thing really. In this section, we will take a look at how to make menus and HUDs using widgets. We also take a look at how to add SFX to our widgets and blueprints.

Gameplay Logic


We are almost done with our game at this point! In this section we are going to set up a system to increase the difficulty of the game as we proceed! Lastly, we are going to set up the winning and gameover logic for our game.

Packaging for Windows


Packaging for Windows is very easy in Unreal Engine. In this final and short section, we adjust the final bits, and then package our game!